Long before I started, I came across this story in a very interesting book. Building websites (and software in general) is a very mysterious process to most people. I think this quote puts things in perspective:

Dear Abby Quote from The Three Boxes of Life

Richard N. Bolles
Ten Speed Press 1981
isbn 0-913668-52-4

A wealthy woman asked a famous millinery designer to design a hat for her.  He placed a canvas form on her head, and in eight minutes with a single piece of ribbon, he created a beautiful hat right before her eyes.
The matron was delighted.  "How much will that be?" she asked.
"Fifty dollars," he replied.
"Why, that's outrageous," she said, "Its only a piece of ribbon!"
The milliner quickly unraveled the ribbon and, handing it to her, said, "Madame, the ribbon is free!"

-- Abigail Van Buren

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